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For many children in our area going to school has not been an option. To help correct this we started two primary schools that have grown to over 200 students and growing. Many families cannot afford paying for a tuition, books, scholastic materials and supplies for their children or themselves. Homeless kids have nowhere to turn for guidance and assistance. Without some love and support these kids and adults won't get educated and may never have a chance in life. Uganda has one of the largest youth populations in the world of over 7 million, from the ages of 15 to 24. This is such a valuable resource that cannot be discarded or go to waste. Please help us!


Gifts of Love

We are one of the poorest nations in the world with many people going to sleep hungry. We provide gifts of love and necessities to anyone who needs assistance. We provide love, food, clothing, shelter and an orphanage for abandoned children and orphans and the homeless. We also provide animals, supplies, and water bikes while building water wells and African round huts to help families and those in needs. We give children balls so they can develop their athletic skills and to have some fun and a chance to make something of themselves. Please help us!


Financial Awareness & Literacy

Uganda has a population over 40 million with an employment rate of about 48%. Over 70% of the workforce labors in the fields and lives on pennies a day. This leaves over 8 million Ugandans (20% of our population) so poor they cannot afford three meals a day for themselves and their family; in rural areas it is much higher. In more developed nations only 3 to 5% of the workforce works in agriculture and provides food to feed the entire country with surplus for exports. We are working to change this in Uganda in many ways including helping to launch The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement in Uganda. We believe this can have a major positive impact on job creation and economic empowerment, our overall healthcare, education, agriculture and food supply and so much more.


Vocational Training

We teach children, young people and adult's responsibility and how to work and provide for themselves and family. Children who cannot afford to go to school let alone college, need to be taught skills like tailoring, solar installation, technology, carpentry, building and repairing water wells, huts and buildings, etc. which will help them to earn a living so they can care with themselves and their families. They also need people and personal finance skills to help them manage their households and personal budgets and to make plans for their futures. Please help us!

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We care about people

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Who We Are

We are a hard working nonprofit charitable organization that was started in 2018 by five Ugandans who saw the need help solve a major problem - poverty.

We are located in Kamuli District, in Eastern Uganda.

We focus on the poorest communities and very needy people. Our goal is to help change their lives today so they can have a better future tomorrow.

Our three key values in operation always are Character, Compassion and Competence.

Core Values

Make an impact, do better for humanity

God loving

We put God in the forefront and we know that serving diligently does not only make one be loved by the community but also be blessed by God.


Our employees believe in telling the truth always and never stealing donated funds for the poor.


We are always transparent with our sponsors and partners, they are going to be filled in with progress reports.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behavior and responsibility for our actions, while maintaining integrity in our performance.


No personal gain is allowed for Mercy - Giving employees or partner organizations. We strive to handle the donations in an efficient manner to maximize the result for the poor.


We take the culture and norms of our country seriously. Mercy - Giving will always be working together with donors and partners with a mind of carrying out duties that can really meet our objectives and help people.


Mercy-Giving does not believe in supporting one person or one group. We target all those in need and give equal treatment for everybody regardless of sex, age, nationality, colour, size , status etc.

Team Work

We try to cultivate virtues of team work by creating a climate of trust, discipline and respect among our employees and partners, which will remain the basis for collective responsibility and the achievement of its objectives.


Giving accurate information to our donors/ sponsors after carrying out through research. We also encourage our partners to be consistent, in this ways we shall build a strong relationship.


Mercy - Giving educates poor children in its two schools and at the orphan age home, to be leaders and we prepare them to take up leadership roles in the future.


We identify the potentials in our students at our two schools and prepare them accordingly to their potentials. We help these orphans and needy children to develop their talents.


At Mercy - Giving, we believe in sharing. By sharing, we promote a sense of appreciation, feeling for those in need and value those who share what they have with the rest.

What we do


Gifts of Love

Financial Awareness & Literacy

Vocational Training

To learn more about Mercy Giving and The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement in Uganda

Gifts of Love

Here’s a brief description of some of our Gifts of Love. Many of our Gifts of Love can be funded by a donation from you and we can include your name, business logo and colors. For example we brand gift of school buildings, African Round Houses, water wells, water bikes, solar lamps and clothing. Please help us by contributing so we can do more

Our Team

We are a hard working group of passionate, humble, caring, loving, individuals that want to help make a difference.

Ammex Ssebidde


holds bachelor’s degree in education from Makerere university. Fights for equal treatment for everyone regardless of age, colour, sex, nationality with a heart of helping poor communities and very needy people.

Brenda Kisoma


holds a bachelor’s degree from Islamic University of Uganda in social works and social administration. She is a social worker

Ceaser Nkaaba


holds a diploma in education from Kaliro Teachers' College. Has love for children and works hard to see that all in need get basic needs.

Annah Ayebare


has an accounting background with a strong businesswoman’s acumen, with a good heart to help the poor.

Andrew Sebidde


is a pastor and GOD loving man that teaches and empowers people to live better lives and to love one another


Strategic Partnerships & Supporting Organizations

We are looking for assistance to change the lives of the children and people in Uganda. If this is something that interests you please contact us immediately. Thank you for your consideration.

Our strategic partners & supporting organizations

We value and appreciate our strategic partners and supporting organizations and their efforts to help us advance our vision, mission and goals